What is a Member?
And what do they do?

Just like an arm, leg, head or heart is part of the body, people power our church to reach, walk, think, and beat with the vision of God. Members at Avalon are willing participants in a community dedicated to loving one another and pursuing the vision God has given us. Do you share our vision and our mission? You may want to join in!

Where is God Leading Us?
Is he leading you there, too?

Our Vision

"We love people right where they are, but we love them too much to leave them there."

We believe everyone deserves love, and the best expression of love is in Christ. We will never turn anyone away, but we will always speak the truth of Jesus' love and what it requires from us.

Our Mission

"Disciples, making disciples, making disciples, making disciples. . ."

We are dedicated to accomplishing the work of Christ through meaningful relationships, powered by Scripture. We believe this mission is never done, and eveyone's role in it is to be led and to lead in personal discipleship. 


Learn More about Discipleship

Interested in joining Avalon Baptist Church?

We are a Southern Baptist Church and expect our members to be believing, baptized Christians. We want new members to see our vision clearly. Learn more below, and leave us some info here. We will connect you with a minister right away.

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